On-Air Sponsorship

On-Air Sponsorship at KLRU is the underwriting of KLRU Programming. Your contribution in assisting KLRU fulfill its mission in Central Texas is recognized through :15 or :30 announcements that run in the breaks between KLRU’s trusted, award-winning programs. By underwriting KLRU programming, you’ll have the opportunity to engage the KLRU community and reap unique benefits only available though public broadcasting sponsorship.


KLRU is consistently a top media choice for the Central Texas community reaching approximately 500,000 households weekly.  Among them, you find audiences of youth, students, lifelong learners, and culturally savvy influencers who recognize your business with a sense of reciprocity as a corporate philanthropist and socially responsible company.


KLRU and PBS’ commitment to use media for the public good and lifelong education has earned the trust and respect of communities nationwide. For almost two decades, the American public has rated PBS the most trustworthy broadcast content in the nation. The trust viewers have for KLRU programming carries over to sponsors providing the enhanced credibility and sense of reciprocity known as public broadcasting’s “halo effect."

In addition, with just 4:00 minutes of sponsor messages and station promotional announcements per hour, your business enjoys greater message retention among viewers in contrast to the “tune out” associated with commercial and cable television’s 15:00-20:00 minutes of commercials each hour.


As a public broadcaster, we request sponsors adhere to FCC Underwriting Credit Guidelines for public broadcasting. These guidelines ensure that your company is presented in a distinguished manner that underscores your credibility and commitment to excellence without the use of promotional language, price references, calls-to-action and inducements. 


KLRU’s local productions consistently receive recognition for high production value and superior content.  They are a true reflection of the Central Texas community often giving voice and audience where needed most. KLRU presents the arts in Central Texas with Arts In Context, music with Austin City Limits, horticultural favorite, The Central Texas Gardener and travel fun and public affairs with The Daytripper and Overheard with Evan Smith.  

For more information, download the KLRU Media Kit or call 512-475-9049 for more information.



Chris Collins
Corporate Support Director
PO Box 7158 // Austin, TX // 78713-7158