By sponsoring KLRU programming, you will be helping sustain Central Texas’ only locally owned & operated, non-profit television station committed to using media for the public good. Whether choosing specific programming or a run-of-station schedule, you’ll be connecting your business with community-minded opinion leaders across Central Texas.

Quality Audience

Consistently a top media choice in the Central Texas community, over 500,000 Central Texas households watch KLRU programming each week.  Among them, you find the qualities you look for in your customers and clients – education & affluence; business, cultural and environmental consciousness - people like you.

Quality Environment

Nearly 20 minutes of every hour on commercial and cable television air is filled with advertisements and network promos. With KLRU’s uninterrupted, educational programming and approximately 3:20 minute breaks, your message of support delivers double the impact of “shouting match,” price and promotion driven commercials.

For more information, download the KLRU Media Kit or call 512-475-9049 for more detailed information.


As a public broadcaster, KLRU adheres to FCC Guidelines for public broadcasting that prohibits promotional language, references to price and inducements to take action. However, KLRU’s distinguished presentation of your succinct message guarantees you’ll reap the benefits public broadcasting underwriters across the country known as the “halo effect.”


KLRU’s local productions are consistently recognized for their high production and content value. KLRU presents the arts in Central Texas with Arts In Context, music with Austin City Limits, horticultural favorite, The Central Texas Gardener and fun and public affairs with The Daytripper and Overheard with Evan Smith 




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